Entrance Forms and Information

Download Entrance Permit Application for Township Roads

If you are located on a County Road, you must complete and submit your application to Dufferin County.  If you live in rural Dufferin, you will require a civic address, or "emergency number". This 6-digit number uses a grid system to pinpoint the location of your driveway - within 10 metres!

All roads in Dufferin County have been assigned a unique, two-digit number. The first two digits in an emergency number represent the road the property is on - an even number means it is an east-west road, an odd number means it is a north-south road.

All roads are divided into sections and are numbered from 1-9. The third digit in the emergency number represents which section the property is in.  

The last three digits indicate the distance - in kilometers - from the beginning of the section to the property entrance. If the last digit is an even number, the entrance is on the south side of the road. If the last digit is an odd number, the entrance is on the north side of the road.

Download Dufferin County Emergency Number Sign Application

Please send the emergency sign applications to Dufferin County.

Download Entrance Application for County Roads

If you are located on a Provincial Highway, you must complete and submit your application to the Ministry of Transportation.

Download Entrance Application for Provincial Highway

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