Integrity Commissioner

Council has appointed Guy W. Giorno as the Integrity Commissioner for Mulmur Township.   To contact him directly, email

The Integrity Commissioner provides advice and education to Members of Council to assist in maintaining a high standard of ethical conduct in municipal government. The Integrity Commissioner also provides information to assist the public in their understanding of the role of the Integrity Commissioner and the ethical obligations and responsibilities of Members of Council under the Township's Code of Conduct.

The Integrity Commissioner also plays a role in conducting inquiries into formal complaints about the conduct of Members of Council and in determining whether or not there has been a violation of the Township of Mulmur's Code of Conduct. Mulmur Council approved its Code of Conduct for Council Members and its Complaint Protocol on December 11, 2011, after a public consultation process.

Mulmur receives an annual report containing a summary of the activities of the Office of the Integrity Commissioner.