Asset Management Plan

In accordance with the Ministry of Infrastructure "Building Together" guide, the Township Asset Management Plan (AMP) is a first step in establishing an overall municipal infrastructure strategy. This "living document" is intended to be used as a guide for municipal infrastructure investment.

Township staff from various departments work together to continually update the Asset Management Plan as new information is available. Updates include on-going condition assessments, revised costing, as well as acquisition and disposal of capital assets.

The Township commenced an Asset Management Roadmap to improve the accuracy and overall strength of the Asset Management practice. The first outcome of this roadmap project was the establishment of a Strategic Asset Management Policy to establish roles/responsibilities and provide a framework for effective Asset Management Planning.

The final stages of the Roadmap are anticipated to occur in 2021, and will result in an updated Asset Management Plan, that can be leveraged as a guiding document for long-term financial planning.