Historical Books

The Mulmur Crest, 1984

Designed by Janis Steinmanis

Picture of Mulmur Crest/LogoThe shape - an equilateral triangle, with the "L" of the Irish print in Mulmur forms a tree. The stylized green "M" represents the hills and valleys of our Township with the blue part under the M to represent our streams and small lakes. The fir trees represent the forests, and the stook of grain its main industry, agriculture. In the clear blue sky above we see a hawk representing the wildlife of the Township.

Historical Information / Heritage Properties

To have your property included on the "Register of Properties of Historical Interest" List, please contact the Township at info@mulmur.ca

Register of Cultural Heritage Properties

The owners of the properties on the Register listed below have given their consent for photos to be published. Photographic credit for some of the following photos:  Carl Tafel, former Chair of Mulmur Heritage Committee.