Road Occupancy

Welcome to the Road Occupancy webpage for commercial activities and events in the Township of Mulmur. Whether you're planning a commercial event or organizing a community gathering, it's important to understand the guidelines and requirements for road occupancy permits.

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Before hosting any commercial event or gathering that impacts municipal roads, applicants must obtain a permit from the Township of Mulmur. Once the permit is obtained, certain obligations must be met and maintained throughout the duration of the event.

Road Closure Policy

a) The Township of Mulmur does not permit full closure of any municipal road without prior approval from the Director of Public Works. It's essential to obtain approval for any planned closures to minimize disruptions to the community and ensure the safety of road users.

Maintenance and Restoration

b) Any damage caused by event activities, such as infrastructure damage or disruption, must be reinstated by the applicant to the satisfaction of the Municipality. All road repairs resulting from event activities are the financial responsibility of the Applicant.

Traffic Management

c) A comprehensive traffic plan, including the deployment of traffic control persons, must be developed and executed in accordance with Book 7 of the Ontario Traffic Manual. This ensures the safe flow of traffic and the safety of event participants and road users.

Event Schedule

d) The Township of Mulmur requires a schedule detailing the times and events planned as part of the gathering. Providing a clear schedule helps coordinate activities and ensures smooth traffic flow during the event.

Contact Us

For inquiries regarding road occupancy permits for commercial activities and events, please contact the Township of Mulmur. We're here to assist you in navigating the permit process and ensuring compliance with regulations to promote the safety and success of your event.

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