Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment of the Township of Mulmur mandate:

This committee is charged with interpreting the official plan and zoning bylaws with regard to land division or minor variance requests. Land division could involve the creation of a new lot, re-alignment of property boundaries, or long term easements. Minor variances arise where a property owner cannot meet the requirements of the zoning by-law, for example, when a structure is planned to be placed too close to a property line. Application would be made for relief from that provision. For both of these functions the Committee will perform site inspections and hold a hearing to allow members of the public a voice in the matter, then make a decision to accept or deny the application.

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Economic Development Committee

The mandate of the Economic Development Committee is to: 

Retain, enhance and attract businesses by:

• Helping existing small businesses grow through awareness, red tape reduction, education (Prosperous, G1, A1)
• Actively engage with county, provincial and federal agencies to obtain resources to support local initiatives (Prosperous, G1, A2)

Pursue responsible growth in residential and employment areas

• Promote local employment opportunities and awareness (Prosperous, G2, A1)

Facilitate education and training for Mulmur residents, entrepreneurs and businesses

• With input from organizations such as Dufferin Board of Trade, identify and support employment programs and opportunities for Mulmur residents and youth (Supportive, G2, A1)

Celebrate success of residents including students, volunteers, Mulmur team members and business achievements

• Identify business achievements, including new businesses for recognition at Council and inclusion on the business directory. (Supportive, G4, A1)

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Mansfield Parks Committee