Mulmur-Melancthon Fire Board

The Mulmur-Melancthon Fire Board is a joint board of Mulmur and Melancthon Townships which covers the north portion of Mulmur and a portion of the north area of Melancthon.  The Board was created in 1982.

The Board, which is represented by two Council members from each municipality, governs the Mulmur-Melancthon Fire Department.  This is a volunteer department, and consists of a Chief, Deputy Chief, Captains and Firefighters. The Fire Department is located on County Road 21 in Honeywood adjacent to the Arena.  

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Police Services Board

The Mulmur Police Service Board is composed of three members, one Council member appointed by Mulmur Council, one member appointed by the Province and one member from the Township appointed by Council.   The Province of Ontario mandated the creation of Police Services Boards in 2002.  The Board is responsible for participating in the selection of the Detachment Commander; determining objectives and priorities; establishing local policies; monitoring performance; receiving reports under section 49 of the Police Services Act and reviewing administration of the complaints system. Once every three years the Board is also required to prepare a business plan in conjunction with the OPP, council, and local stakeholders.

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NDCC Board of Management

This year, the County of Dufferin is embarking on an extensive public consultation of the Recreational Use Policy for the Dufferin County Forest.  The goal is to have a broader Recreation Plan for both the County Forest and the County-owned Rail Trail, with consideration for the best ways to use these spaces as well as what services and Facilities (signs, parking lots, electric vehicle charging stations, portable toilets, picnic shelters, interpretive features, public and volunteer engagements) to implement in the future.

For now, we are looking for your great ideas!  What does your ideal County Forest look like?  When you picture the Rail Trail, what do you see?

Share your ideas and answer a quick survey at  You can also comment and vote on ideas that have already been submitted.  Your input will be used to produce a draft recreation plan that will be subject to public review and more specific feedback.

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Rosemont Fire Board