Cheryl Russel, 2015 Senior of the Year

This year’s recipient of the Senior of the Year award, Cheryl Russel, is the true embodiment of civic responsibility and community engagement. Her many years of volunteering with the Mulmur Township Council, and her long service on the Board of Directors of CORE (Conserve Our Rural Environment, a volunteer ratepayer’s group that monitors and challenges proposed land-use changes that could have an adverse impact on the quality of life in Mulmur),  speak to her strong belief that “municipal politics are the most important politics because they have the greatest impact on your everyday life”. As a past volunteer board member of the Headwaters Arts Festival and Art Show Chair of the festival, and the current benefactor of two arts prizes for local high school students, Cheryl has tirelessly worked to showcase and promote the arts in Mulmur and Dufferin County. Cheryl truly cares about the entirety of Mulmur’s well-being, giving back to the community that has given her so much.