Street Art Project

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Mulmur will be undertaking a street art initiative in an attempt to combat traffic and pedestrian concerns while at the same time showcasing Mulmur’s local artists and beautifying our unique roads/landscape. This project will take place along River Road / 20 Sideroad between the Mulmur-Melancthon Townline to Airport Road. There are about 10 locations being considered for road art depending on what we can accomplish!  The Township will supply the materials needed, but we need your help to create/commission the art and help with the painting! 




  • Try to keep the designs simple and stylized.
  • Use solid colours with clear lines (no blending)
  • Think of each location and what you might associate there or with Mulmur in general. Examples: Road Safety, Bruce Trail, Fish, Trees, Valleys, Agriculture etc.
  • You can submit a design for a specific location, or as a general consideration.
  • The general dimensions for a “crosswalk” are 8 meters x 3 meters. Dimensions can be adjusted to meet the needs of the location such as intersections or connecting trail access points.


  • You can use up to five colours.
  • White, Blue and Yellow will be a standard option but do not have to be used.
  • Try to select colours that will pop. Avoid colours like Red as they will blend into the pavement.



  • Each located is being proposed for the following reasons: 
    • Mulmur-Melancthon Townline Boundary: To distinguish the Mulmur boundary, the west limit of the project and the need to go slow within this area.   
    • Pine River Institute: This spot is reserved for the students at the Pine River Institute.image-14.png
    • Pine River Fishing Area (two parking lot locations): To identify the two access points to the fishing area.
    • Bruce Trail Crossing (Pine River Fishing Area): Heavy pedestrian area. The crossing spans the length of a bridge and requires people to walk approximately 40 meters down the road.
    • Bruce Trail Crossing (Kilgorie): Heavy pedestrian area. Crossing is on a diagonal spanning approximately 13 meters
    • Terra Nova West Boundary Limit: To distinguish the boundary limit of the village.
    • Terra Nova Main Intersection: To further identify and beautify the village and encourage drivers to slow down.
    • Terra Nova East Boundary Limit: To distinguish the boundary limit of the village.
    • 3rd Line S Bend: Area where most collisions occur. Sharp bends. Road Safety.
    • Airport Road Access Point: To identify the east limit of the project and the need to go slow within this area.   


  • The deadline for submitting your proposed designs is April 19, 2024.
  • Designs can be submitted by email to or in person at the Township office.

If you would like to meet and to brainstorm, discuss ideas and answer any questions, please reach out!