Future of the North Dufferin Community Centre (Honeywood Arena)

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342711594_925258378805303_32122546370326The North Dufferin Community Centre (Honeywood Arena) has played a pivotal role as a central hub for recreation, community events, celebrations, gatherings, and social interactions since 1912. Serving all demographics, young and old, the preservation and continued operations of the arena will not only safeguard the communities’ cultural heritage but also enhance the overall wellbeing and pride of the community and beyond.

429902467_850148756915217_73732824642841The Honeywood Arena is structurally sound and still has a 50-year life span.  However, in December 2023, the original refrigeration piping installed in 1964 under the ice failed.  Total replacement of the piping, concrete and boards will be required before we can install the ice for the 2024/25 season. Estimates for this work are $1.5 million and need to be tendered urgently so not to jeopardize the upcoming season.

img_0022-1.jpg?set=icon_largeMulmur has examined its’ reserve accounts and are able to fund the majority of the project but need the support of the community to complete the ice surface repair and future repairs and improvements. 

We value your opinion and are seeking your input as to whether you support the long-term investment in the Arena. Please complete this survey by March 29th to help Council make a decision at the April 3rd Council Meeting.

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Mayor Janet Horner