Dufferin County - Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR)

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Dufferin County is home to 66,000 people now and is expected to grow to 95,000 by 2051, according to the Province of Ontario’s Growth Plan.
To address this predicted growth in population, Dufferin County is working on the Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) – a series of studies that will influence Dufferin’s Official Plan and shape the growth of Dufferin County for the next 30 years.

At their May 12, 2022 meeting, Dufferin County Council gave a green light to take a phased approach to the MCR.

❓ What does this mean? ❓

In June/July the estimated changes in the number of jobs and population, specific to each Municipality within Dufferin County, will be outlined in a final Land Need Analysis (LNA) report. From there, an update to the Official Plan will be submitted to Council for their consideration, which is currently estimated to take place in August. Once approved, the changes are submitted to the Province for their review, which can take up to 120 days.

Once complete, further updates can be approved by Dufferin County Council, including on a Municipality-by-Municipality basis, such as expansions to the Shelburne and Grand Valley settlement areas.

We want to hear from you! 

The MCR is going to shape the future of Dufferin County’s community, so it’s important that the project includes community voices. This July, Dufferin County staff will:

✔️ kick off an engagement plan, so citizens can get involved and provide feedback on the project, and
✔️ begin providing regular updates on the project’s progress.
To stay informed about the MCR process and to have your say on the future of your community, visit the Join in Dufferin page, where you’ll find FAQs and can sign up to receive MCR info updates.

Learn more at https://bit.ly/2wc0HA9