Behind the Wheel: The Unsung Heroes of Winter - Mulmur's Public Works Operators.  Meet Dean & Logan

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Forget sunrises. For our public works team, the day begins at 3 am, a harsh alarm slicing through the pre-dawn darkness. They quietly navigate their homes, avoiding waking their families, before stepping into the cold embrace of duty. Each decision they make, each route they chart, carries the weight of their community's safety. Snowstorms, ice storms, blizzards - whatever Mother Nature throws, these are the warriors on the front lines, clearing the way for safe passage.

This is no ordinary job. It's a testament to dedication, a commitment that goes beyond punching a clock. It's the quiet heroism of those who wake before the world, battling the elements to ensure smooth commutes, essential deliveries, and the very access to life's necessities for their township. 

Dean Morby, a Mulmur native, chose to join The Township of Mulmur over eight years ago, driven by a desire for an enhanced quality of life and more time with his family. A devoted hockey dad, Dean cherishes his role as a father to two sons at home and a daughter attending university. Celebrating 26 years of marriage, he values family above all else. Transitioning from owning a trucking business, Dean now savors the opportunity to prioritize his loved ones and indulge in his passion for restoring vintage tractors. In the summertime, he frequently enjoys boating activities, relishing the moments spent on the water. With deep connections to the community and a profound admiration for its natural beauty, Dean derives immense satisfaction from his work alongside his esteemed colleagues, whom he affectionately refers to as an "awesome team."

Logan Davidson, a newly married father of two daughters aged 1 and 3, has deep roots in Mulmur, particularly in the hamlet of Lavender, where his great-grandparents once called home. Their farm remains a cherished part of the family, where Logan enjoys spending his spare time working. Since embarking on his journey with Mulmur Township in 2017, driven by a strong sense of duty and a profound desire to contribute to his community, Logan has balanced his roles as a public works operator, volunteer firefighter, and farmer. Despite the challenges of raising a young family and working the family farm, Logan approaches each day with unwavering commitment and a resolute sense of purpose. 

271549729_468809598008254_35783124087625A typical winter day begins with their arrival at the Township Office around 3:45 am. Before heading out, they meticulously inspect their equipment. In preparation for ice storms, they equip the plow trucks with chains to enhance traction—a crucial step in ensuring their safety and effectiveness on icy roads. Each of the 6 daytime operators is assigned a specific route, allowing for thorough coverage of the Township's roads. Grader Operators like Dean, Logan, and Matt focus on the northern part of the Township, while plow/sander operators like Chris, Craig, and Kevin handle the lower areas and paved roads. Additionally, Bruce Crawford, Foreman, patrols the roads and leads the team. Mark and Mike oversee the afternoon shift, ensuring road conditions are monitored and picking up where the morning shift leaves off.  This strategic division ensures that no area is neglected during snow removal operations.  Operating a snowplow or grader in adverse weather conditions presents various challenges, from treacherous hills to deep ravines.  Dean and Logan emphasize the importance of unwavering vigilance and cautious driving to maintain safety standards.

While snow removal is their primary task during the winter months, our Public Works Operators responsibilities extend far beyond that. 

Dean Morby and Logan Davidson and all our Public Works staff may not always be in the spotlight, but their contributions to Mulmur Township are invaluable. As they brave the elements to ensure the safety and well-being of their community, let us take a moment to appreciate their hard work, dedication, and selflessness. They are the true embodiments of the spirit of service, and Mulmur Township is fortunate to have them as its guardians.

So, the next time you see a plow truck rumbling down the road, remember to wave and give thanks to the unseen faces behind the wheel, the silent guardians of your winter mornings.