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Waste Management


For all information regarding garbage and recycling collection in Mulmur

please reference the Dufferin Waste Guide, found here:

Dufferin County 2017 Waste Guide








  • Composting reduces landfill allowing biodegradable materials to breakdown naturally
  • Organics broken down above ground turn into productive fertilizer
  • Composting saves money on landfill costs and chemical fertilizer
  • Composting saves the planet by utilizing it’s natural resources






Contact GFL directly at 1-888-941-3345 ext.1 for:

  • missed collections

  • timely updates and route alterations

  • to schedule a collection for bulky items or white goods

  • to schedule a collection for yard waste in rural areas

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The Township now has a depot at the Township Yard for collecting e-waste.

Click here for a flyer outlining acceptable materials.