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Civic Recognition

Did you know the Township recognizes ratepayers for significant achievements?
Certificates of recognition are signed by the Mayor and are not only for wedding anniversaries, but birthdays, volunteer work, sports team achievements, official openings of businesses and more!

If you or someone you know has a significant achievement that should be recognized, contact the Township office at / 705-466-3341

Senior of the Year

The Ontario Senior of the Year Award gives each municipality in Ontario the opportunity to honour one outstanding local Ontarian who, after the age of 65, has enriched the social, cultural or civic life of his or her community.

Seniors who qualify for this award may have contributed in many different fields, such as the arts, literature, community service, voluntarism, education, fitness and sport or humanitarian activities.

Nominations will be open until February 20th. If you know someone you would like to nominate for the award email us at

Fire Chief Jim Clayton, Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation to Fire Chief Jim Clayton in grateful recognition of your 30 years of exceptional volunteer service with the Mulmur-Melancthon Fire Department. Through the years, your leadership, talents  and efforts have helped keep our community safe. Together, we take pride in your accomplishment and your commitment to excellence. Congratulations on your milestone. Thank you and best wishes from the Council and residents of the Township of Mulmur.

Captain Dana Prentice, Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation to Captain Dana Prentice in grateful recognition of your 42 years of exceptional volunteer service with the Mulmur-Melancthon Fire Department Your hard work and efforts year over year are sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your dedication and keeping our community safe. Congratulations on your milestone Thank you and best wishes from the Council and residents of the Township of Mulmur.


Karen Davidson-Lock, Retirement

Congratulations Karen, on your retirement and dedicated Service with over 30 years of work in the Municipal Sector.


Authors in the Hills of Mulmur, Certificate of Appreciation

Honeywood Hockey Moms, Certificate of Appreciation

Nancy Woods, Certificate of Appreciation

MaryAnn Lowry, 2017 Senior of the Year 

Prior to her retirement to full-time life in Mulmur, MaryAnn was a management consultant, specializing in change management and strategic planning. She was a Partner and global account executive with Mercer, and before that, a communication specialist and editor with McKinsey & Company. She became known as a pioneer in both firms – introducing new programs, services and research around the world. She built teams that combined experienced and novice members, ensuring that everyone had a say and learned something from each other. Her background as a coach, teacher and author for a wide range of business and student users was an asset, but it was sticking with community values that earned her the respect of clients and colleagues.
While raising a son and a daughter, globe-trotting, and writing, MaryAnn served actively on boards and committees, including the Arthritis Society of Ontario, the Ontario Association of Independent Schools, the Special Education Advisory Committee, and the Association of Bright Children in Middlesex. She was one of the founders of the Mercer Women’s Business Network, and a mentor to several young colleagues as they found their career paths.
And then, she and her husband, Keith, moved to 3rd Line East to fulfill a lifelong dream of living in the country – and delighted in finding those same positive values alive in Mulmur. As former French teachers, the Lowrys established an annual French language award at Primrose Public School.  MaryAnn assisted in the development of Mulmur’s first Strategic Plan, and followed up by chairing the 2015-2016 Economic Development Task Force. She now serves on the Dufferin County Economic Development Steering Committee. She recently joined the board of Better in Mulmur, a business and community association, where she brings experience and passion to mentoring and supporting her neighbours.


Canada 150 Farm Recognition

Headwaters Food & Farming Alliance

Council has endorsed the  Headwaters Food Charter & Action Plan presented by Headwaters Food & Farming Alliance.  




Mansfield Cenotaph RestorationRestored Mansfield Cenotaph

Restored Mansfield Cenotaph

Congratulations to the members of the Mansfield Women's Institute for all their efforts in the restoration of this important marker which serves as a tribute to our fallen soldiers.


Recent Civic Recognitions At Council

Bert Tupling, 2016 Senior of the Year


This year’s recipient of the Senior of the Year award, Bert Tupling, is the true embodiment of civic responsibility and community engagement.  Bert has a soft spot for the youth of the community. Thus his involvement in the Michael Tupling Memorial Fund Committee to support all our youth to keep them involved in figure skating and hockey.  His mission is to make the North Dufferin Community Centre a better place for parents, grandparents, and spectators to cheer on and encourage our youth.

Mr. Tupling is also the Chairperson for the Trustees of the Honeywood United Church.  Their current focus is to keep the church, which has been closed in the last few years, as a presence in the community.   He is working diligently alongside the other trustees to find a tangible way to demonstrate the respect that the community’s forefathers deserve.  Their tireless efforts, with little in the way of financial resources, to support the manse, church and cemetery of the Honeywood community should be preserved.  Bert strives to make it a reality to ensure that their past contributions be honoured and recognized by the community, now and in the future.
Bert is also a founding member of the North Dufferin Community Centre Advisory Board.  The mission of this newly created Board is to keep the arena as a hub of activity for both Mulmur and Melancthon residents, by working with both Townships to find ways to operate a small facility during times of dwindling resources in rural municipalities.

Anna Alonso, Terra Nova Public House


Cover of the 2015 Four-Season Visitors’ Guide Hills of Headwaters


Mountain Ash Farm & County Inn & Spa


Winner of the 2015 Hills of Headwaters Taste of Tourism "Best Overnight Getaway Experience"


Rosemont General Store & Cafe


Winner of the 2015 Hills of Headwaters Taste of Tourism "Best Customer Service Experience (Business)"

For more information on "Hills of Headwaters" and these awards,  click here!


Cheryl Russel, 2015 Senior of the Year

This year’s recipient of the Senior of the Year award, Cheryl Russel, is the true embodiment of civic responsibility and community engagement. Her many years of volunteering with the Mulmur Township Council, and her long service on the Board of Directors of CORE (Conserve Our Rural Environment, a volunteer ratepayer’s group that monitors and challenges proposed land-use changes that could have an adverse impact on the quality of life in Mulmur),  speak to her strong belief that “municipal politics are the most important politics because they have the greatest impact on your everyday life”. As a past volunteer board member of the Headwaters Arts Festival and Art Show Chair of the festival, and the current benefactor of two arts prizes for local high school students, Cheryl has tirelessly worked to showcase and promote the arts in Mulmur and Dufferin County. Cheryl truly cares about the entirety of Mulmur’s well-being, giving back to the community that has given her so much.

Raise The Flag & Help Celebrate World Autism Day 2015


March 4, 2015 Presentation to John Thomson

John Thomson was presented with a Certificate for making the Township's Community Sign Boards, as well as for his other involvement in the Mulmur community.   Congratulations John!