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All Council and Committee documents are available from the Township of Mulmur's office.

The Township of Mulmur's by-laws are set by the Township Council and are public information for viewing. If you have any questions regarding any of the by-laws, please contact the Office.

To view the by-laws click the corresponding number below.

Canine / Dog: 11-2002  Consolidated 02-2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

(For more information check the Canine Control section of the website by clicking this link)

Development Charges: 27-2014

Exotic Animals: 6-2005

False Alarms: 16-2014

Fence By-laws (Swimming Pools): 14-2006 Consolidated with 17-2013

Fill By-law: Consolidated 4-2015

Fire Burning By-law: 18-2014

Mansfield Water: 25-2010

Mansfield Water Restrictions: 21-2007

Noise: 10-2002

Parks: 10-2011

Planning Applications Tariff of Fees: 6-2014

Power of Entry:  14-2016

Procedural By-law: Council & Committees: 5-2015

Property Maintenance Standards: Consolidated 07-2006

Sign By-law: 20-2009

Site Plan Control By-law:  13-2017

Special Event, Motor Vehicle Racing and Rally By-law:   9-2015

Trees:  Prohibit the Destruction or Injuring of Trees:  19-2015


For Zoning Bylaw, Schedules/Maps, please go to Departments, Planning, Zoning By-Law


This is not a complete list of Township by-laws. For by-laws not listed above, please contact the Township of Mulmur office.

Please note that council and committee documents are provided electronically for information only and do not retain structure of the original versions. For example, charts, images and tables may be difficult to read. As such, readers should verify information before acting on it. All council documents are available from the Township of Mulmur. Please email