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Council Meeting Agendas, Packages & Minutes

If you are looking for a year or meeting that is not visible please contact the Municipal office and we will be happy to help you.


(from Procedural By-law 5-2015)

15. The Clerk at his/her discretion shall have prepared, from all petitions, communications, correspondence and delegation requests, which are received at least 7 calendar days prior to the date and time of the meeting, printed and delivered to each Member’s residence, not less than forty-eight (48) hours before the hour appointed for the holding of a regular meeting, an agenda under the following headings:

(a) Minutes of the Previous Meetings.

(b) Discussion arising out of minutes.

(c) Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests.

(d) Approval of agenda.

(e) Proclamations

(f) 15 minute question period- Wednesday day meeting only.

(g) Public Works business.

(h) Administration business.

(i) Planning business.

(j) Items for future meetings.

(k) Committee minutes and Sub Committee reports.

(k) Information items.

(l) Presentation and deputations (as time dictates)

(m) Notices of Motion

(n) Passing by-laws

(o) In Camera Session if required (closed)

(p) Reports and resolutions from incamera session

(q) Adjournment

16. The business of the Council shall in all cases be taken up in order in which it stands upon the agenda unless otherwise decided by Council.

17. Any item which is not on the agenda as printed, but has been determined by the Clerk to be of a nature which requires Council’s attention prior to the next scheduled meeting, may be added by addendum at the discretion of the Clerk.

18. Any items brought forward as a time sensitive issue by other means shall require a majority vote of the members present to be added to the agenda.